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Cases of beer are being purchased in bulk, wings are being grilled, family and friends are pouring in, Bulldogs to Pomeranians and anything in between can be found walking around sporting football jerseys. These signs tell of a celebrated time we’ve all been waiting for… Football Season is finally here! Football has become more than just a game, it’s an American holiday. This is where family and friends get together, spend time together, eat some good food, and watch a great game.

And who knew, this is the time of the year where you can use DIRECTV to watch 8 different channels all at once! I mean how else are we going to keep up with all the games? This feature definitely comes in handy when there are different people rooting for different teams in the same household. And where there’s football, there’s everyone who’s wanting to live the fantasy.

With that being said, it’s only fitting that the office here at Winners Network started their own fantasy football league! If you’re participating in a Fantasy Football league of your own, you can tune into DIRECTV and take advantage of the Player Tracker App, to keep track of real-time stats in fantasy teams. For someone who has never taken part in fantasy football here are some reasons why you should consider it:

  1. It’s an exciting way of partaking in Sunday football!
  2. There’s always wages thrown, and money will be made by the Winner.
  3. Generally increasing your knowledge on football, teams, and their players — all while you’re the boss calling the shots.

With week 5, here’s an overview of the Winners Network Fantasy Team season so far:

Top 5 rankings

JOES EXPERT TEAM 3-1-0 457.94 314.8 10 3
LUIS’S PERFECT TEAM 3-1-0 380.08 328.1 3 0
EL JEFE 3-1-0 378.46 302.34 7 7
MARK’S TEAM 2-2-0 464.12 458.14 8 2
BRUCES TEAM 2-2-0 412.66 385.12 6 1

Let’s definitely keep an eye on the players via the Player Tracker App available to you exclusively through DIRECTV! Tune in next time and see how much closer, or further, the teams here at Winners Network are to that Fantasy Football Win!

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