Veteran’s Day

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Winners Network shares a meaningful thank you to all who have sacrificed their lives to protect our country. Especially those who have joined our Winners Network family and continue to serve our team! Every decision made by a veteran is ultimately a sacrifice, from leaving their lives behind and entering the battlefield to transitioning back to civilian lives and adjusting to the changes in society.

In the transition back to civilian life, Veterans look forward to reuniting and spending more time with their family and friends. However, the structure and discipline from the military is not there when they return back to their previous lifestyles. People return home with a change in their perspective on life and may even tend to feel like nobody understands them completely. Ultimately with the love and support of family and friends, the adjustment can be less difficult.

Military veterans are advanced in team motivation and leadership the same outstanding qualities that our sales reps contain. One of our top sales reps Edward De Hoyos (Sonny), is a military veteran. Our veterans at Winners Network learned to use these values towards making sales and earning money while doing so. They use their communicating skills to connect with customers and receive the satisfaction of still giving back to the people.  

Winners Network has welcomed every person a part of our growing company and become not only friends but a family. If you’re a Veteran who needs the support of friends and family to transition to the civilian life and adjust to today’s society, our sales reps are walking the streets on a daily basis interacting with customers. Contact us today and set up your interview to become a part of our team! We can be reached at 210-858-5512 or come visit us at our office located at 816 Camaron Rd., San Antonio, Tx 78212.

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