The Winning Team

If you think you’re paying too much for your tv services, you probably are. Compared to other tv services, we are rated #1 in customer satisfaction. Directv not only saves you money but offers unbeatable promotions. With packages starting at just $50 a month, they include full HD DVR services and now 4k receivers that can record up to five shows at once! You can also bundle your tv with internet and phone lines making it easier to pay one bill, instead of three.   

If you have 4k tvs, Directv should be your first choice. Not only does Directv have the best HD quality but the top 4k receivers. Other features of the Genie include 72 hour rewind which allows the customers to go back a previous 3 days on any channel as soon as they turn on their tv. This gives you the chance to never miss out on any of your favorite shows or movies ever again! The genie minis are able to rewind, fast forward, pause or record live tv, allowing you to do the same functions as you would on the genie. The opportunity to enjoy your top shows and movies is available through the Directv app. Customers can start watching a title on their tv, and pick up where they left off on their mobile devices. Now you can take your cable streaming experience anywhere in the world!

Join the winning team, Winners Network your local authorized Directv/AT&T retailer. We offer promotions that include three months free premium channels such as HBO,Showtime,STARZ and Cinemax at no extra cost. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday with family and friends when you receive the NFL Sunday Ticket! With close to a $300 value, we’re offering it free for the first year. From anywhere with a smart phone, tablet, laptop or even an Xbox, the game can travel with you. Free installations are done as soon as the next day that you signed up! Our technicians review customer education on the receivers and remotes, reducing any confusion on how to use the products. Reduce your payments and receive more! For more information on our services or product, contact us at (210) 858-5512 or come visit us at our office at 816 Camaron St #216.

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